Getting to Third Base with Pinterest – How to Maximise Your Links and Conversions

333 links from one Infographic share…. Meet Pinterest, the flirty social media princess!

Pinterest is the flirty prom queen of Social Marketing. So good looking, so adored, so easy….. She's every girl's heroine (and heroin) and she has the Social Marketing boys drooling. So, how do you charm your way in and get the most out of Pinterest Social Marketing?

1. Remember to include your links

It may sound obvious but if you're uploading from your hard drive, you need to go into "edit" and add your link. Similarly, if you're sharing from another page (as many do from Stumble Upon) you will need to change the link to your own. Be careful though, Pinterest's terms and conditions leave you in a precarious legal position if you violate copyright law!

2. Name your boards

Unlike the uber sexy Google Plus, Pinterest doesn't allow for anchor text. The best you can do is name your board with your keyword, that way at least the link appears to have some relevance.

3. Deep Linking

Link to multiple pages on your website. Pinterest is the free and easy way to gather up powerful social links, and although followed links are now a think of the past you can still spread that social love around your website.

4. Use Hashtags and post topical stuff and memes

Like Twitter, Hashtags allow you to be listed by topic and to be found by those interested in your boards. Hash tag all your pins and add nice meaty keyword rich descriptions for search engines too.

5. Use it like a boss

SEOs tend to go after SEO goodness and forget to actually create a user experience. Interacting, sharing, making your boards pretty and being part of like minded communities GREATLY increase your share rate (and your enjoyment of Pinterest). At the very least, like the boards of some big influencers, so you can @tag them when you pin!

6. Make it easy

Add a "pin it" badge to your website and browser so that you can pin easily and others can pin your stuff. If uploading from your eCommerce store, simply type $ and the price and click "Pin It" to label your products with a price tag and give instant click through to your shopping cart. Take advantage of Pinterest's infancy (and lack of rules) and run social marketing competitions to entice repins.

Pinterest has the highest click through rate of all Social Media platforms, because she's young, pure and so very good looking! Like other Social Platforms, the Pinterest experience will soon be degraded by spammers. While it's great to get tons of Social benefit for little time investment, producing quality content will always be best practice online!

Dana Flannery is the Creative Director at Online Marketing firm, Talk About Creative. She helps small business develop an online presence through social media marketing, SEO Content, Branding and Copywriting. 

Image Credit - Mashable 
Getting to Third Base with Pinterest – How to Maximise Your Links and Conversions Getting to Third Base with Pinterest – How to Maximise Your Links and Conversions Reviewed by Unknown on September 11, 2012 Rating: 5
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