How Social Media Monitoring Can Boost Your Lead Generation

Social media presents new opportunities for lead generation. Historically, marketers were forced to rely upon market research companies, cold calling, and surveys to ascertain consumer attitudes and trends. With the rise of social media, customers discuss their interests, activities, and hobbies in a permanent and public medium. This presents new opportunities for lead generation campaigns and makes it easier to tailor an existing campaign to a particular audience.

Social Media Marketing

Generating New Leads

Over one third of all new leads today from Internet sources stem from social media. However, generating new leads through social media can be challenging. Everspark Interactive, an Atlanta based SEO agency, points to many social media users being savvy about mailing lists and low quality products. Distributing spam posts across comment pages and bulk mailing activities will not therefore get results. An effective social media campaign requires popular and credible individuals to distribute the offer.

Individuals who become experts in a particular field or with a particular topic can attract followers. These followers typically share an interest in that field and can be susceptible to suggestions from that particular leader. Partnering with individuals who are popular with a specific demographic can help to get marketing messages in front of targeted consumers. Alternatively, the lead generator can become a credible expert in a particular field by providing valuable information to customers. These customers will then be more likely to view the marketing offer in a positive light.

The Importance of Split Testing

Tracking the effect of marketing activities is important, even if the sole objective is to obtain new sales leads. Link-trending metrics can help lead generators track trends and assess the popularity of a particular offering. Lead generators can split test different marketing vehicles, such as particular offers or web pages.

Marketers must split test different lead generation vehicles in order to enhance their campaigns. Terminology, presentation, and the offer itself can all affect conversion rates. Squeeze pages and results from split testing can help marketers craft more effective marketing messages, determine the best offers for a particular market, and prevent the marketer from expending valuable time on an unproductive campaign.

Consumer Attitudes

Determining consumer attitudes regarding current trends is important. With common marketing tools, individuals can assess what keywords and articles are trending at a particular moment, how influential the keyword or article is to a consumer, and what links consumers are following. Conversely, a lack of social media activity can result in social media users not clicking through to the offer in the first place. The type of activity or lack of activity on a subject will determine the content and approach required to generate leads.

Opinionated customers can even provide the marketer with helpful tips. If an offer is inadequate, the presentation too unattractive, or if the initial target audience does not derive any benefit from the project, many social media users and blog commentators will comment on such things. Increasing conversion rates will be easier if the lead generator can determine why individuals are not proceeding to squeeze pages or filling out forms.

Social media marketing presents unique challenges to marketers, but also unique opportunities. Social media can help marketers craft a more effective lead generation campaign, both in terms of the depth and breadth of a marketing funnel.

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