Backlinks – Your Window To Better Search Engine Rankings

Backlinks or Inbound links are links that point towards your site. Links can be both internal and external. When you create a link to another page on the same blog/website, the same is an internal link. External links are links on other websites that point towards your site. 

In this article we will concentrate our attention only on external link building techniques.  

Why are people so interested in building links?
Backlinks can help you improve your search engine rankings.
Links are an important measure of a blog/website’s popularity on the web. Search engines generally assign value, to a site, based on the number, quality and relevancy of links pointing towards the site. Link building is thus a search engine optimisation (SEO) technique helping a website achieve higher search engine rankings.
The right way of building links

There are many ways of doing this.

1. Create compelling content 

Compelling content is content that keeps your audience interested and involved. By creating compelling content, you are inducing your audience to share or link to your content. If you are able to project yourself as an authority on a given topic/niche, more people would like to refer to your work through their blogs, websites and social media channels - thereby helping your pick up some high quality backlinks. 

Tip: Visual content like infographics, images and videos can also help you gain some quality backlinks.

2. Guest post on relevant blogs

The concept of guest posting is simple. You write an article for publication on a blog (of which you are not the owner) and include therein a link back to your own blog/website. If the article is published, the link goes live.

Tip: While selecting a blog to guest post on, consider the reputation of the blog as well as its relevance to the content you host on the blog/website you are linking to.   

3. PR releases

A well crafted and newsworthy press release (PR) that gets picked up across various media channels can do your link building efforts a world of good.  

4. Comment on other blogs 

Most blogs and a few websites have a comment section which allows readers to post comments or express their views. Commenting on other blogs is an easy yet effective way of gaining invaluable back links. Just type in your name, your blog/website URL, a catchy comment (to ensure approval) and hit the submit button.

What to avoid when building Links

1. Directory submission 

2. One to one (1:1) link exchanges

3. Purchasing links - Paid linking go against search engine guidelines.

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