5 Android Apps To Boost Your Personal Productivity

Android Apps
Life may be busy, but it does not have to be hectic. Here are five awesome apps for your android mobile phone that are designed to make your bustling schedule much more manageable.


Not everyone can afford a personal assistant, but you can get the next best thing for your smart phone, and for free! The Assistant app uses natural language technology to help you with day-to-day tasks. Simply voice a command in everyday language and it gets to work. It handles a wide variety of requests, ranging from connecting you to websites, finding maps, presenting weather reports, and sending emails.

COL Reminder

Install the COL Reminder app and you never have to worry about forgetting to send an important email or missing out on an appointment. Simply enter a task and you’re set – it will remind you to do it before the deadline. If you need to postpone, you are also free to delay the reminder.

Extreme Call Blocker

Sometimes you need to block distractions to get work done. With the Extreme Call Blocker app, you have the power to decide who can reach you, and who can’t. This is perfect for individuals who receive a lot of telemarketing calls, or for those who wants to filter calls at work. It is also handy for anyone with children; it can block specified outgoing calls, allowing parents to better monitor whom their kids are calling.

Food Planner

After a long day's work, the last thing you want is to worry about what to eat. And, when you are exhausted, it is easy to squander time trying to figure out what should be on the menu. The Food Planner app makes it easy for you to organize a meal plan, and is complete with accompanying recipes and a grocery list. Everyone in your household can get involved, too, as you can share food plans with multiple phones.


This highly-popular Android app merges organization with memory. It captures all the things you want to remember – notes, photos, voice reminders, websites, to name a few – and provides a clean, connected interface to organize them. Due to the flexibility of its design and the wide variety of information it can save, Evernote is the productivity tool you want it to be, whether you want to create to-do lists, take notes for class, or organize recipes.

No matter what your personal productivity style, you can find an app for your android mobile phone suited to your needs, and for the daily tasks that occupy most of your time.

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