Guest Blogging: How to Get Posted

Guest Blogging : How To Get PostedGuest Blogging is a challenging effort that requires constant content creation, and successful relationship building. When executed properly, guest blogging can create excellent offsite SEO value for your website, while providing quality content for the sites you blog on – in turn building their onsite SEO value. 

When executed poorly, guest blogging efforts can become a huge waste of time; with articles constantly being sent out, and then rejected by webmasters – or never responded to at all. However, providing you are a descent writer, and do have a legitimate expertise and knowledge base, there’s absolutely no reason why you should have anything except complete success!

Take a look at this short list of tips that will help you ensure your content gets posted, and your guest blogging efforts are a success! 

Quality Unique Content 

“Quality” is a relative, and often watered down adjective these days. What I mean by quality in the sense of guest post content is originality. Of course this means the content should never be directly copied or plagiarized – but it’s really more than that. You need to make sure that the ideas you are offering to your targeted host blogging site are unique, and useful. It’s okay to write about broad reoccurring themes, adding your own opinion – but it’s never acceptable to simply rewrite someone else’s key points into your own language, and call it “unique”. Savvy webmasters are onto these tactics, and won’t bother responding to you if you attempt to push through to them content which is anything but unique. Conversely, if you’re writing your own useful unique content, you have nothing to worry about! 

SEO Rich Content 

In the game of Guest Posting, everybody’s working for SEO value. Therefore, you need to make sure your content is laden with a rich supply (read variety) of keywords that contribute to driving traffic to the site. Take a look at the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and  this will give you a fair idea of the relative popularity (in terms of search volumes) of some of the keywords/keyphrases relevant to your content and those that you can incorporate into your text. 

As important as it is to include rich SEO terms, it’s also equally important not to overload the content with too many targeted terms. This will impact the overall quality of the content and...

  • Leave the content feeling unnatural to the human reader – who will bounce off a page that is clearly geared for robot crawling.  
  • Make it obvious to Google robots (the algorithm) that you are trying to unnaturally score SEO value – ironically causing you to lose SEO value.  
Again, talented webmasters would be looking for SEO optimized content, so make sure you do not miss out on keyword optimisation. The key is not to over do the optimization and include variety in the keywords that you incorporate into your text. The more relevant your content is the better chance you’re going to have of incidentally including relevant keywords anyhow.  


The greater the page rank of the blog you are targeting for your guest content, the more competitive (read demanding) they’re going to be. This means that even if you’ve already nailed the first two points on this list, they may still not accept your post – because they have so many other equally good posts on like topics coming to them daily. So what can you do to set yourself apart? The answer lies in the tone of your writing.

A mature and high PR blog will have an established tone that is noticeable and consistent among its articles. The webmasters of these blogs have worked long and hard to create these content tones, and to maintain them over time. Sometimes, if they really like the article content, they’ll make a request to the author to change some aspects of the tone in the writing (no first person, add first person, more technical, less technical, etc.) Imagine however if you are able to submit a quality original content article that already 'respects' the tone of target blog site? You’re going to have a very high chance of getting that article posted, and that’s exactly what you want!

Author: Tyler Watkins is a Marketing Manager at
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