Site5 Hosting Review

If you believe homegrown companies are a foregone conclusion, you’ve never read our Site 5 web hosting review, your perfect hub for parking unused domain names.  Completely built from the ground up by professional datacenter engineers, deploying all service and technical support in-house and offering no-frills billing, Site5 has truly brought down home web hosting for those who want local call centers and concierge-like treatment.

Site5 Hosting Review

Trimming the fat off bogged down servers, continuously upgrading servers while offering perhaps the most dynamic work environment epitomizes the overall company persona which is backed by outstanding price structures.  Read more of our exciting Site5 hosting review and share the love for true hosting at its finest, then see why domain names are finding their way to this site – or being registered there.

Price Value

The statement - 'nearly symmetrically perfect in every facet of product offering' - would best vocalize our praises of Site5.  Since we don’t believe enough space existed to place our 'Site5 web hosting review of price value', we simplified everything in a few short phrases: unlimited bandwidth and disk space plus migration from one host to another is free.  Each site can receive its own admin, and Site5 costs a mere seventeen cents a day to rent server space (which is easily made back with Adsense).

If that isn’t enough, customers can choose a server which is close to their home.  That, in itself, is unheard of – unless, of course, you also toss in their free trial of services.  The value one receives with all possible offerings is nearly insane compared to the price which you’ll pay.  Perhaps our Site5 hosting review will expose this company enough to sink the competition – unless they’re doing this on their own.  Domain names hosted locally means further protection for premium TLD’s.


Site5 doesn’t write about their uptime – they challenge you to prove it.  With their 99.9% uptime guarantee or your money back, the gauntlet is officially thrown back to the customer.  All servers are housed in or around the corporate office so you’ll never be too far away from reliability. And for those ecologically conscientious, Site5 hosting review reveals they’re green, planting trees to offset carbon emissions. Standard backup generators are on-board to assure customers will be safe during power outages which also backs their uptime guarantee.  Reliable servers equals happy domainers.

Control Panel 

Based off the cPanel schema and programmed in-house comes the control panel solution suitable for users of all levels of expertise. Customers can easily work with third-party scripts, adjust MySQL databases, setup email addresses and do everything your standard cPanel or Plesk backend will allow.  An excellent overall program for easy manageability of your entire website, and our Site5 web hosting review renders an easy two thumbs way up.

Customer Service

Technicalities which perplex novice or expert webmasters can easily be solved around the calendar simply by phoning, emailing or submitting ticket request online. The professional mannerism in which they handle simple or complex billing, hosting or server issues – albeit few issues are reported – can be solved quickly yet with efficacy towards the upset or hyper customer.  Site5 also offers live monitoring of current server status which is helpful for those with heavy traffic.

We easily give the customer service portion of our Site5 hosting review a ten – perhaps an 11 based off how they’ll nurture to those who want to port their domain names to their servers.

Site5 Hosting Review Site5 Hosting Review Reviewed by Unknown on May 20, 2013 Rating: 5
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