Dec 5, 2010

10 Words To Help Express Yourself Beautifully - Set 1

The choice of the right words play an important role in communication.

The following are a set of ten words that will help you to express yourself beautifully and communicate effectively.

1. Dilemma - A situation in which a difficult choice has to be made.

2. Indigent - Needy; Poor.

3. Eloquent - Fluent in expressing oneself; Articulate.

4. Emanate - Originate (from a source).

5. Infallible - Incapable of error; sure to happen

6. Infer - To deduce or make a conclusion.

7. Myriad - Numerous.

8. Penchant - Preference; Liking.

9. Salient - Most Important; Significant.

10. Torment - Mental or physical suffering.

This is the second post of the series "10 Words To Help Express Yourself Beautifully"

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