Health Concerns for Middle-Aged Men

Typically, men don’t tough it out as long as their female counterparts. On average, men die ten years younger than women. One suggestion for such a drastic difference is that men tend to disregard their health and ignore key risk factors for life altering diseases. Whether this is true or false, it is fact that any man can better his chances at longevity through the proactive monitoring of health concerns. Every middle-aged man should be aware of the following conditions in order to recognize dangerous changes in his body. 

Heart Disease

Heart disease is the top killer of men. Luckily, it can be prevented. The first step in prevention is to have regular tests for blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood fats. Your doctor can easily administer all of these examinations to make sure you have normal cholesterol levels and that blood pressure is not a concern. Also, follow these ways to prevent heart disease: 
  1. Eat more fruit, vegetables, and grains. 
  2. Eat less fatty, salty, and fried foods 
  3. Exercise regularly 
  4. Don’t smoke 
  5. Only drink in moderation 
  6. Find ways to manage your stress 


You can reduce your risk of stroke by following the same tips for heart disease prevention. If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, it is important that you closely follow your doctor's recommendations. Keeping these ailments at bay will help keep a stroke away. If you have diabetes, you must also carefully take care of yourself to prevent stroke. 

Colon Cancer

At age 50, men should start having regular colonoscopies. Colon cancer can be lethal, so these exams are crucial. If there is a family history of colon cancer the regular exams should start at an even younger age. 

Age-Related Macular Eye Disease (AMED)

AMED is the leading cause of vision loss in elderly Americans. It can slowly or progressively destroy central vision and the ability to see fine detail. The two different types of AMED have distinct symptoms. Contact your eye care professional immediately if: 
A. Straight lines appear wavy 
B. You experience slightly blurred vision and difficulty recognizing faces 


The classic midlife crisis is not the only issue of mental health facing middle-aged men. Depression is a serious health concern for middle-aged men that can increase blood pressure levels, increase aggression, and cause irritability. If you feel you are suffering from symptoms of depression, talk to your physician. Know that it is perfectly acceptable for men to be treated for depression, despite the social stigma. The well-informed middle-aged man has a high advantage over his unaware peers. Men should know the threats that come with age, and be able to identify them should they arise. With this knowledge, and a healthy lifestyle, any man can live happier and longer. 

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