5 Amazing Cloud Apps for Small Businesses

Cloud Apps For Small Businesses
Cloud computing has become extremely popular over the past couple of years because it offers users a cost effective alternative to building and managing IT infrastructure in-house, as well as great flexibility in accessing information. For small business owners, cloud computing can offer a number of benefits, one of them being the wide variety of application available that make it easier to get work done. Here is a list of five cloud apps to help you achieve your business objectives.

1) ZenDesk

When starting a business that employs the latest in technology, information technology support can be a costly, yet critical expense. Fortunately, ZenDesk is here to clear that up. ZenDesk offers a large team of tech experts who are available to handle any number of technology concerns, even for small business owners. With ZenDesk, you no longer need to scour the Internet for answers or pay expensive fees to in-house IT employees or consultants - everything is provided for you on an as-needed basis.

2) GoToMeeting

Face-to-face meetings are often costly and time consuming, but they are often necessary to seal the deal. Why not eliminate such negatives by using GoToMeeting? GoToMeeting is a company that offers large and small business owners the chance to meet in real time with customers, partners, vendors and more, all through the use of webcam technology. By using GoToMeeting, you can have a virtual meeting with individuals on the other side of the planet, regardless of the time or date.

3) Carbonite

Backup of data is an essential part of running a small business, but what happens if your on-site backup fails? The solution for this problem is found in the company Carbonite, which offers almost unlimited data storage options for companies both large and small. When you partner with Carbonite, you receive automatic online backup tools that will ensure your customer and company data will be protected from PC failure, server failure, accidental deletion, hacking and more.

4) Google Docs

Although Google Docs started out as an experiment by the search engine giant Google, today, the app stands as a giant itself. Google Docs works as a word processing program, spreadsheet program and more, and each document that is created and saved using Google Docs can be accessed and edited from anywhere on the planet.

5.) DropBox

If you want to quickly disseminate files to employees and customers, DropBox is a fantastic solution. Using DropBox, you can upload files to a central location and then send out links to customers, employees and other individuals, all with the click of a mouse. When the link is received, the recipient can then log into their DropBox account, view various files and download them. This also means that data can be stored indefinitely, and small business owners can have more control over who is able to access what data at any given time.

Cloud services have revolutionized how we do business. According to Georgia data center company, Quality Technology Services, cloud services enable small businesses to focus their attention and energy on application performance and growing your business rather than managing infrastructure. As a small business owner, it is a good idea to make the most of your time, finances and resources by leveraging technologies that enable you to operate efficiently and effectively. Cloud computing not only offers the infrastructure advantages but also a wide variety of online and smartphone apps to help you operate your business. You can find most of these apps through a simple Internet search.

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